St. David’s Tidbits and Calendar

The First Sunday after the Epiphany

January 13, 2019


9:30 am            Holy Eucharist with Reverend Myrna Bevens

After Service  Coffee Hour and Fellowship

11:00 am          Living Faith Circle


Please pray for those listed on last week’s prayer list:

Pam &Split; Mike & Loki; Bob & Patty; Quinton & Debbie; Timm & family; Donna; Kay & Tracey; Vern & Sharon; Sydne & family; Sheila; Bill; Robbie & family; Maggie & family; Greg & family; Paul; Casey & Austin; Jason Williams; Ed & Ray; Barry & Brenda; Wendy; Sheila & Patrick; Janie & Neil; The Baylors; The Preeces; The Leges; Kathy & Debbie; Allen; Fred & Ray; Lizzie & Cord; Myrna, Marie, Wayne & Grant; Ray & Renee; Bryce & Kat; and Rebecca, Michael & John.


Serving in Ministry and Fellowship Today:

Holy Eucharist celebrated with Reverend Myrna Bevens

Acolyte                      Mark Congiardo

Chalice Bearer          Don Butzlaff

1st Lesson                  Carolynne Forster

2nd Lesson                 Jane Lass

Usher                         Jane Lass

Hosts                          Mark & Nancy Congiardo

Musician                    Carolyn Mattedi

Today’s Readings:

1st Lesson                  Isaiah 43:1-7

Psalm                         29

2nd Lesson                 Acts 8:14-17

Gospel Lesson          Luke 3:15-17, 21-22


Reminders for January 20, 2019                                                 

Holy Eucharist celebrated with Mother Winnie Mitchell

Acolyte                      Terri Davies

Chalice Bearer          Rebecca Pruitt

1st Lesson                  Nancy Congiardo

2nd Lesson                 Joan Simmons

Usher                         Joan Simmons

Hosts                          Paull & Mary Ellen Torrence

Musician                    Carolyn Mattedi

Today’s Readings:

1st Lesson                  Isaiah 62:1-5

Psalm                         36:5-10

2nd Lesson                 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Gospel Lesson          John 2:1-11


PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND SAINT DAVID’S ANNUAL MEETING and POTLUCK on Sunday, January 27th following the service.  We need a quorum of pledging members to conduct Vestry elections and enact church business!


CHURCH DIRECTORY – Please double check your contact information on the hard copy by the prayer list and/or the email you received.  Let Carolynne (abesmom95@aol.com) know ASAP if corrections need to be made!

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