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November 15, 2019

 Newsleeks is published on the fifteenth of each month. We welcome your suggestions for announcements and other items of interest that you would like to see covered. Contact Charlie Vervalin, Editor, at 687-7646 or

Worship Services

November 24, Rev Myrna Bevens

December 1, Rev. Vaughan McTernan

December 8, Rev. Myrna Bevens

December 15, Rev. Vaughan McTernan

December 22, Rev. Myrna Bevens

Mother Winnie Mitchell will again conduct services, in a new rotation of priests, as soon as she recovers enough from recent knee surgery.


NOTE:  Morning Prayer services are conducted by a lay reader on the fifth Sunday in the

months that have five, and occasionally on other dates, if noted above.  An exception is December 29, which will feature Holy Communion, celebrated by the new Cathedral Ridge director.

   Parish ‘Happenings’

  • You will regularly receive an e-mail regarding the next “extracurricular” fellowship activity scheduled. Heading up the Fellowship Committee is Carolynne Forster. Have an idea for a parish fellowship activity? Contact her.
  • Rev. Myrna Bevens urges us to begin efforts to attract new members to St. David’s. We will soon have one or more forums at the church, at which we will “brainstorm” ideas on building a new, revitalized parish, with clearly defined goals and aspirations. Be thinking about that. We need you.
  • Don Butzlaff is now chair for Stewardship, following the departure of Fred Lege, who had held that position.
  • See the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall, for ideas that folks have posted there to replace the now-defunct plans for a parish steeple, shelved because of the expense. Employ your money-saving alternatives, with postings on the bulletin board.
  • St. David’s is sponsoring a Bible study every Tuesday, led by Rev. Myrna Bevens. For time and place, and particulars on what is being studied, contact Melissa David, (979) 8350. This study has been going on for a while, with the result of much praise.


‘Revelation Revealed’ Sessions to be Held this Winter

    Both of Paul Vervalin’s two “Revelation Revealed” presentations will be sometime this coming Winter. Earlier plans had to be deferred because Paul and his wife Janet were Alaska. “Revelation Revealed” will be scheduled as soon as possible. The purpose will be an attempt to provide clarification or answers about Revelation’s sometimes confusing and almost mystical messages.

    Please give your questions regarding what you want to know about Revelation to Charlie Vervalin, who will pass them to Paul. Without them, Paul cannot proceed with preparing his talks because he won’t know what you don’t know, or what you expect to learn, or what level of understanding you seek.


Please Participate in Living Faith Circle

    Living Faith Circle (LFC) offers weekly sessions for our spiritual development.

    The current focus is on C.S. Lewis’ celebrated book, The Screwtape Letters. Mark Congiardo is the moderator for the series. Mark will be absent on Sunday, Nov. 24. LFC will resume on December 1. We will discuss Chapter 6 that day. 

     Plan to attend at 11:30 a.m., after the post-worship-service fellowship period. Join in sharing of Biblical-based guidelines for how to grow our faith and expand God’s presence in our lives.

     We discuss spiritual needs, challenges and opportunities in living as a Christian. The goal is to work toward strengthening one’s faith, ministering to the needs of others, or any related topic.

   Join us regularly for LFC. It is free- wheeling and enlightening.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

 Wish these members of our church family peace and joy in the years ahead.

Late-November Birthdays

15 Trey Wilson

19 Anne Davidson

23 Dorrie Guyan

November Anniversaries

Greg and Melissa David (29 years)

December Birthdays

01 Christy McCornack

18 Josh Davies

23 Jerry Forster

25 Rebecca Pruitt

31 Ginger Stewart

December Anniversaries

02 Jerry and Carolynne Forster (24 years)

Ruce Gifford

In Remembrance, of those who have passed away

Jeri Vervalin         2008

Michelle Chatkoff

Jane Andrews

Bruce Gifford

Sue Congiardo     2014

Genie Kissinger   2014

Reggie Gardner   2014 (Myrna Bevens’ nephew)

Georgina              2015 

Donna Blakely    2015

John Young         2015

John Young         2015

Georgina             2015

John Kramer       2016

Don Butzlaff’s mother (Marie)  2016

     Newsleeks tries to mention ALL birthdays and anniversaries, but occasionally one will slip through the crack. Likewise for those who have passed away in recent years.                    Did we miss reporting info for YOU or someone else? Contact Joan Simmons at 748-8621.


Pray for Our Parishioners’ Healing

    A number of people in our parish face illnesses or injuries of one kind or another and also the loss of loved ones. Hold all of them up to The Lord for His healing power, and pray also for care-givers. For specifics on these people, contact Joan Simmons, who chairs the Pastoral Care Committee.

     St. David’s parishioners value the opportunity to pray for your family and friends during the Prayers of the People portion of the Sunday worship service. Prayers for these people will also be offered by individuals during the week. Write the names of persons for whom you seek prayer on the Prayer Request sheet, which is in the Parish Hall on the table next to the nametags board.

      Do you know someone who needs pastoral care?  Contact Joan Simmons or Charlie Vervalin. Please pray for everyone on the current prayer list, which is published in the weekly Tidbits. (Tidbits is included as a supplement to the bulletin that you receive at Sunday services.  It is also sent to the St. David’s e-mail list). See also “Pastoral Care Needs Attention,” below.


 Pastoral Care Needs Attention

    To let St. David’s know of someone’s need, or for information on pastoral care participation, contact Joan Simmons, pastoral care chairperson, or committee member Charlie Vervalin.    

     Pastoral care is, by definition, such things as visiting or phoning an ill person or even sending them a note or card; also helping someone with a need such as transportation to the doctor’s office; caring for someone’s animals or domicile when they cannot do it; doing domestic chores for a person who is indisposed, etc. In other words, pastoral care is any helping-hand activity.

     With such information about who is pastoring whom (also why, when and how) we can maintain an accounting of all such activities. This will let the entire parish know, but should also inspire others to become involved in pastoring.

Contributions to the Needy Continue

    Through in-gatherings, and on a regular basis throughout the year, St. David’s parishioners help needy folks in Teller County by donating to Community Cupboard, a Teller County food bank. 

      And remember, every fifth Sunday during months in which there is a fifth one, please bring food and household items to church for an ingathering. Checks payable to Community Cupboard are welcome, too. 

      The next ingathering is Sunday, December 29. There will also be a pot luck luncheon after the Holy Communion service, led by the new Priest in Charge of Cathedral Ridge.   Bring  your favorite dish to feed the flock. 

     Also, the parish basement is used to store non-food items. And food/household items donated by our parish are delivered to the CC facility on Hwy. 67. (Look for the white building on your left as you drive north on 67, just before the RV Park located at the County Road intersection.) 

     At ingathering events, you can always count on good fellowship and a great pot luck meal. See you there on December 29.

Have an Announcement for Tidbits?

     If you have a message or announcement for Tidbits, please contact Carolynne Forster at Anything that parishioners should know about upcoming events is fair game. IMPORTANT: please submit your info by noon Tuesday. And kindly take the initiative to inform Carolynne of what should be published. Announcements are of great value to our parish, but she cannot always know what needs to be publicized.


Thank You, Flowers Donors

    Special appreciation goes to those who beautify the sanctuary by donating flowers during the year. The names of contributors appear in your copy of the weekly Tidbits bulletin for the next worship service. Flowers: What a lovely gift to us all!

    Celebrate the beauty of our services by giving altar flowers in 2019. See the flowers-sponsor chart on the bulletin board in fellowship hall and enter your name for any of the open worship-service dates during the year.) Donors, please give your check to Nancy Congiardo at least a week before the Sunday of donation, or put your check into any Sunday Service offering basket, with “Flowers” noted on your check’s “For” line.

The flowers will be given to you after the service.

      Thanks to the Altar Guild for preparing the beautiful bouquet arrangements.

      A flowers donation signup chart for 2019 is posted on the bulletin board.


Thrift House: A Great Place to Shop

    Shop now, fresh merchandise is ready and waiting.

    Thrift House (TH) volunteers continue to give due credit to St. David’s for support of this worthy charity. Thank you, and to all others who have served TH, for your gift of service. 

      Serving at TH on November 9 were: Nancy Congiaardo and Dorrie Guyan.

      In October: Jane Lass, Dorrie Guyan and Nancy Congiardo.

      Volunteers are needed for future dates. Ask Jane about that also. Remember, St. David’s receives money from TH when we serve.

       If you would like to work with other St. David’s folks, call or e-mail Jane Lass. Shifts are on the second Saturday of every month from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is fun. There is a lot of cheerful fellowship and camaraderie, while serving the Lord.        

        Donors of merchandise are needed, especially gently used clothing for adults of both genders and also children. Much needed, too, are household items, furniture, toys and games. Please bring the items to church and someone will deliver them. Or, you can take them to TH between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday.      

       TH is run by the Diocese, at 1027 S. Tejon in Colorado Springs. It offers reasonable prices and a lot of offerings. Come in for some inexpensive shopping that PROVIDES MONEY TO THE DIOCESE AND OUR CHURCH. 

       There is always a need to have people sub for other parishes’ shifts throughout the month. This enables St. David’s Episcopal Church Women to earn even more money to spend on outreach.  So, whether as a sub or for the regular Saturday shift, please let Jane know if you can help (687-6975). Want to volunteer for a future date? She will sign you up.   

        Carpooling to and from TH is available. And note also that St. David’s Episcopal Church Women (ECW) get monetarily credited for hours worked. The funds are available for the parish’s outreach program (e.g., gifts to charities, etc.)  

          ECW (Episcopal Church Women) of the Pikes Peak Region operates this non-profit retail store. All income is shared among forty different charitable organizations.

        Varied merchandise is sold by TH. Clothing vouchers are available. TH is a service of the Episcopal Church, which provides assistance to missionary organizations and those in need. TH has an outstanding reputation and has served the community since 1958.      Donations are tax deductible.

Celebrate a Great and Long History

     Contact Jane Lass for a copy of Thrift House: Yesterday and Today: 50 Years Later—Continuing the Sale-a-Bration. This write-up is a wonderful proclamation of a splendid service, which has–over time–earned a huge amount of money for various church-related charities. 

      Thrift House has a long and impressive history, well worth reading about.  

St. David’s Website is for Outreach

      Our website is loaded with all kinds of information, not just things about St. David’s but also the National Episcopal Church and the Diocese. It is our smiling face to the community.

          Do you have a request for anything to add?  Your ideas for inclusion are welcome. Contact Social Media Manager Don Butzlaff.

      Over time, the refurbished and routinely updated web site will undoubtedly attract people to St. David’s.  Take a look. Go to 

We Owe a ‘Thank You’ to Many People

  • Thank you, St. David’s choir and its leader Carolyn Mattedi. Participation in the parish choir involves preparation to present glorious music to the congregation. And it is fun. It is never too late to participate. Join us. Joyful choir music is being sung during the receiving of Communion, every Sunday.
  • Much appreciation to  Greg David for so beautifully painting the church entry door and to Dick Lass for supplying the temporary door while the permanent one was being re-painted.
  • Thank you to Chad Hancock of Peak Painting for completing the painting of the church building. And also to Eric Learning of American Overhead Door for installing the new garage door in the building’s basement.
  • Hugs to Carolynne Forster for skillfully repairing the green chasuble for our priests, and for making the velvet bags for our travelling communion kit. We are also indebted to Mother Winnie for her gift of the kit.  
  • A highlight of St. David’s social events is the monthly fellowship dinners for our members and friends at various local restaurants. These gatherings are always enjoyable. Join in and experience the fun. The next dinner will be announced soon.
  • Appreciation to Mark and Nancy Congiardo for representing St. David’s at the Diocesan Convention.
  • Kudos to our Thrift House Volunteers. More are needed. See “Thrift House. . .” above.
  • Please donate money, food and household items for the ingathering on Sunday, December 29. We will celebrate Holy Communion that day, followed by a pot luck luncheon.
  • A big hug to Carolynne Forster for playing the keyboard during Sunday services, when our wonderful musician, Carolyn Mattedi, is unavailable.
  • We all benefit from the unsung heroes whose service to St. David’s has not been regularly noted in this column. They include folks who serve on the Vestry, prep the Vestry meeting minutes, lead and participate in the choir. keep our church clean, beautify it for the worship services, serve as acolytes and morning prayer leaders, manage the church office, care for those in sorrow, need, sickness or any other adversity, donate flowers for our services, attend meetings of the Diocese, and plan events for us all to enjoy together. We are, indeed, all brothers and sisters in Christ, to “go forth and serve the Lord.”


Make Yourself Heard 

       Want to address the Vestry? St. David’s Vestry meetings are held to conduct all of the parish’s business. If you wish to address the Vestry, or to simply “sit in” on a meeting to see what typically occurs, you are welcome to attend. But please let Senior Warden Mark Congiardo or any Vestry member know in advance. Meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month, starting at 5:30 p.m.


                      What Did Newsleeks Miss?    

  Did Newsleeks fail to publish something that should have been included? Please contact Charlie Vervalin at 687-7646 or An addendum can be mailed separately to include the information. Thanks.


St. David’s Vestry and Committee Chairs*

Mark Congiardo, Senior Warden

Dick Lass: Co-Junior Warden

Rebecca Pruitt: Co-Junior Warden

Joan Simmons: Pastoral Care

Don Butzlaff: Stewardship                

Lonnie Davidson:  Treasurer

Nancy Congiardo: Assistant Treasurer

Melissa David:  Faith Development and Worship

Carolynne Forster: Fellowship, and Church Secretary

*For phone numbers and e-mail addresses of these folks, see the Church Directory











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