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Due to the pandemic, services are suspended until the meeting ban is lifted by the state.

Please visit online services for The National Cathedral and Episcopal Church in Colorado:



I pray you’re all staying safe and are well!
Zoom every Sunday, Password is StDavids


The Episcopal Church in Colorado

Photo by Alicia Quan on Unsplash

Holy Week Planning

In addition to a wide range of resources gathered for use and adaptation for individuals and parishes throughout Holy Week, the Office of the Bishop is putting together pre-recorded services that will launch as livestreams at the following times:
Bishop Kym Lucas’ Easter Vigil sermon will be available for church use in their own liturgy planning for Easter Sunday. We encourage local congregations to gather online for worship, prayer, or fellowship on Easter Sunday.
Additionally, the following Holy Week resources have been posted online as well for individual and church use. Feel free to use, adapt, and incorporate these resources for your own personal journey or for your parish in any way that serves you and your community through these sacred days.

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