St. David’s is blessed to draw on the wisdom and experience of two retired priests, Reverend Myrna Bevens and Reverend-Dr. Winnie Mitchell.

Rev. Myrna Bevens

Myrna E. Bevens was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has been a devout Christian all of her life.

She earned a B.A. in education and was certified to teach in Colorado where she taught high school English, speech and drama for two years following graduation. She earned an M.A in theology from Christ Gospel International Bible College in Louisville, Kentucky, took her vows in the Order of the Holy Spirit, a teaching order, and was ordained a minister.

Her work as a minister included organizing and conducting retreats, revivals, and evangelistic ministries in Christian based churches throughout the United States. She served as Pastor of Christ Gospel Church in Clayton, New Mexico during which time she also did a two-year radio ministry on a local radio station.

While teaching Bible studies at Holy Spirit Teaching Center within the Episcopal Church in Colorado Springs, she attended the Bishop’s School of Theology and St. Thomas Seminary in Denver.

She earned an M.A. in Divinity from Trinity School of Ministries in Ambridge, Pennsylvania following which she was ordained an Episcopal Priest.  She returned to Colorado Springs and served as head of all educational programs at  the Chapel of Our Savior.

She was Rector of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Manitou Springs, Colorado, retiring after twenty years and is now a part-time priest at St. David Episcopal Church in Woodland Park and teaches two Bible classes in Colorado Springs.

Reverend Bevens obviously enjoys her ministry at St David and brings a lifetime of Christian devotion, teaching, and God’s grace to our congregation.

Mother Winnie Mitchell

Winifred L. Mitchell, known in the church as Mother Winnie, was born and raised in Denver and grew up in the Episcopal Church.

She earned a B.A and a PhD, both in anthropology, from the University of Colorado in Boulder. For over twenty years, she worked as a cultural anthropologist (living people) and was a university professor as was her husband, Paul, also an anthropologist.  Their university careers took them to Mankato, Minnesota where their son and daughter were born.
Their love of all things Latino and an interest in research, took Winnie and Paul to Latin America. Winnie felt a call to the ministry during her college years, but the church did not ordain women until 1977.  By then, she and Paul were working with the Aymara Indians of Peru.

When their children were almost out of the nest, Paul encouraged Winnie to consider the ministry and after a long process of discernment, her bishop affirmed her hopes and sent her to seminary.  She chose the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas which offered an opportunity to do ministry with Anglo and Latino people. She was ordained in 2007.

At the outset, she served two tiny churches in Minnesota (at the same time) and when husband Paul retired, she accepted a call to St Peter the Apostle Episcopal Church in Pueblo, Colorado. She served there as Rector for almost three years and until the parish could no longer afford a full-time priest and transitioned to a lay leadership team. Mother Winnie retired from full-time duties and she and Paul moved to Colorado Springs to be close to her sister who has lived in the Springs for over twenty-five years.

Mother Winnie says, “I’m now delighted to look forward to ministry with you all here at St. David’s as we get to know one another and continue to discern God’s call for each of us.”


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  1. Hi Myrna,
    I’m Nancy Bass, Tim Lyda’s sister in Colorado Springs. Tim had a heart attack and passed away in his home on May 8. He thought so highly of you as we all do – it was so special when you spoke at mom’s service in 2016. We are having a family graveside service July 28 at Fairview Cemetery and would be so honored if you would say a few words and pray for us. My cell is 719-650-9124… hope you are well; I look forward to hearing from you.
    Nancy Bass
    5815 Jackpot Dr
    Colorado Springs, CO 80922

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