St. David’s Tidbits and Calendar

The 12th Sunday after Pentecost

August 12, 2018


9:30 am           Holy Eucharist with Reverend Myrna Bevens

After Service  Coffee Hour and Fellowship

11:00 am        Living Faith Circle


Please pray for those listed on last week’s prayer list:

Pam; Jerry & Rudy; Mike; Bob & Patty; Allen; Myrna, Marie, Wayne & Grant; Lizzie & Cord; Finn; Pauline; Fr. Bob; The Preeces; Paull; The Leges; Kim & David; Kathy & Debbie; Agnes & Maryallen; Fred & Ray; Frank & Jean; Carolee & family; Danny; Richard D.; John B.; Kat; Quinton & Debbie; Kay & Tracey; Timm & family; Amber; The Baylors; Michael & Jacinta; Coleeta & Jack; Casey; Austin; Bryce; Allen & Linda; Meredythe; matt; Marta H.; and Bishop Curry.



Serving in Ministry and Fellowship Today:

Holy Eucharist celebrated with Reverend Myrna Bevens

Acolyte                     —

Chalice Bearer          Rebecca Pruitt

1stLesson                 Joan Simmons

2ndLesson                Dorrie Guyan

Usher                         Joan Simmons

Hosts                         Dorrie Guyan & Modenia Kramer

Musician                   Carolyn Mattedi

Today’s Readings:

1stLesson                  1 Kings 19:4-8

Psalm                        34:1-8

2ndLesson                 Ephesians 4:25—5:2

Gospel Lesson          John 6:35, 41-51



            Reminders for August 19, 2018                                      

Holy Eucharist celebrated with Mother Winnie Mitchell

Acolyte                      —

Chalice Bearer          Rebecca Pruitt

1stLesson                 Nancy Congiardo

2ndLesson                Paull Torrence

Usher                        Paull Torrence

Hosts                         Paull & Mary Ellen Torrence

Musician                   Carolyn Mattedi


1stLesson                  1 Kings 2:10-12, 3:3-14

Psalm                        111

2ndLesson                 Ephesians 5:15-20

Gospel Lesson          John 6:51-58

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