St. David’s Tidbits and Calendar

The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

July 16, 2017


9:30 am           Holy Eucharist with Father Bob Andrews

After Service  Coffee and Fellowship

11:30 am         Living Faith Circle


Please pray for those listed on last week’s prayer list:

Pam; Mike & Gay; Rissa & Jonathon; Bill; Hal; Casey; Tom; George; Ray; Charlie Hall; Bernie; Angie; Joe & Paulette; Robert & April; Pam & family; Carol & Tim; Kim, David & family; Kathy & Debbie; McKenna & family; Fred & Ray; Rebecca, John & Michael; Frank & Jean; Pauline; Agnes & Maryallen; Modenia; Carolee & family; Maryellen; Meredythe; Brian; Winston & family; Maggie & family; Greg & family; Bill; Rae & Ed; and Connor, Cameron & Caleb.



Serving in Ministry and Fellowship Today:

Holy Eucharist celebrated with Father Bob Andrews

Acolyte                      Don Butzlaff

Chalice Bearer          Rebecca Pruitt

1st Lesson                  Carolynne Forster

2nd Lesson                 Dorrie Guyan

Usher                         Dorrie Guyan

Hosts                         Dick & Jane Lass

Musician                   Carolyn Mattedi

Today’s Readings:

1st Lesson                  Isaiah 55:10-13

Psalm                         65

2nd Lesson                 Romans 8:1-11

Gospel Lesson         Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23



Reminders for worship July 23, 2017                                                                 

Holy Eucharist with Reverend Myrna Bevens

Acolyte                      Mark Congiardo

Chalice Bearer          Fred Lege

1st Lesson                  Carolynne Forster

2nd Lesson                 Dorrie Guyan

Usher                         Joan Simmons

Hosts                         Fred & Karen Lege

Musician                   Carolyn Mattedi


1st Lesson                  Isaiah 44:6-8

Psalm                         86:11-17

2nd Lesson                 Romans 8:12-25

Gospel Lesson         Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43


♫♪  UPDATE ON VINO & NOTES (Sat. 8/5  12-6pm)  ♪♫


Kitchen crew: please plan on being here at 10a – Earnie will arrive around 10a to drop off his cheeses.  We can start packaging our $5/plate servings.  Booth people:  we need to make a schedule, but the early birds should be at church by 11a and drive the first batch of food in.  Drivers: please be here by noon, we’ll be in phone contact with the booth when they (or Earnie) need more supplies.  Cooks:  you can come early to finish off your dishes, (and help package) or drop them off on Friday to be packaged by the kitchen crew before the event.  Let’s get a schedule for this too, please J


Can we have a planning committee (Carolynne, Don, Fred, Mark, Paull, Rebecca) meeting following today’s service please?  Everyone who’s participating is welcome!


T-shirts are available for:  Mary B., Butzlaffs, Congiardos, Davidsons, Davies, Leges, Chandler & Rebecca – $14 ea.


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