St. David’s Tidbits and Calendar

The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

September 24, 2017


9:30 am           Holy Eucharist led by Father Bob Andrews

After Service  Potluck and Farewell for Father Bob


Please pray for those listed on last week’s prayer list:

Pam; Skip & Dee; Marie & Bob; Grant; Wayne; Jared; Quinton & Debbie; Timm & family; Annalee; Martha; Tom; Casey; Carole; Meredythe & friends; Winston & family; Greg; Coralee; Maggie; Robbie; McKenna & family; John & Diane; Collin & Metti; Michael; Kathy & Debbie; John Smalls, Michael & Rebecca; Fred & Ray; Brian; Frank & Jean; Modenia; Agnes & Maryallen; David, Kim & family; Doug; Pauline & Chandler; Whitey & Jenny; Janie; Carol & Tim; Michael & Cornelius, and Richard & Marilyn.


{Flowers are given today by the Congiardos for

Nancy’s and Max’s birthdays}


Serving in Ministry and Fellowship Today:

Holy Eucharist celebrated with Father Bob Andrews

Acolyte                      Steve Andrews

Chalice Bearer          Don Butzlaff

1st Lesson                  Carolynne Forster

2nd Lesson                 Jerry Forster

Usher                         Dorrie Guyan

Hosts                         Jerry & Carolynne Forster

Musician                   Carolyn Mattedi

Today’s Readings:

1st Lesson                  Jonah 3:10—4:11

Psalm                         145:1-8

2nd Lesson                 Philippians 1:21-30

Gospel Lesson         Matthew 20:1-16


Reminders for worship October 1, 2017                                                            

Holy Eucharist celebrated by Reverend Myrna Bevens

Acolyte                      Rebecca Pruitt

Chalice Bearer          Don Butzlaff

1st Lesson                  Nancy Congiardo

2nd Lesson                 Dorrie Guyan

Usher                         Paull Torrence

Hosts                         Mark & Nancy Congiardo

Musician                   Carolyn Mattedi



1st Lesson                  Exodus 17:1-7

Psalm                         78:1-4, 12-16

2nd Lesson                 Philippians 2:1-13

Gospel Lesson         Matthew 21:23-32


Please join us after the service today (9/24) for a potluck celebration to wish Father Bob a long & happy retirement.  We were Blessed to have him lead Saint David’s flock, and he will be so missed.




Our annual Blessing of the Animals is next week (10/1). Please have your furry family members out on the back deck by 11:30!

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