St. David’s is blessed to draw on the wisdom and experience of two regular supply priests. On the first and third Sundays of the month, the Rev. Myrna Bevens of Colorado Springs leads Eucharist services, and Father Bob Andrews, also of Colorado Springs, celebrates the Eucharist on the second Sunday. Lay leaders in the parish lead Morning Prayer on the fourth Sunday, as well as on the fifth Sunday when there is one.

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  1. Christopher Dunston says:

    Dear Local Parishioner,

    As newly appointed Director of operations/ Steward at Cathedral Ridge I am reaching out to your church with the intention of uniting our ministerial efforts.

    Our vision for the future and our clearly defined purpose in Christ has moved us both to serve this local community and usher in light where there is darkness, healing those who are wounded and offering divine instruction to those who are lost. We also offer much needed repose to our clergy and staff thus revitalizing the body of Christ.
    Our executive team at Cathedral Ridge would kindly welcome the opportunity to meet at our facility or yours to discuss how our unity can empower our ministries and serve this community in a greater capacity.

    At Cathedral Ridge we presently offer many divinely inspired programs to facilitate spiritual growth, personal development, church development and community enrichment programs.
    We look forward to your response and are excited to share insights and wisdom to further the Kingdom.


    Christopher Dunston
    Director of Operations/ Steward
    At Cathedral Ridge camp-retreat and conference center

    (719) 722-0210

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