st david signStop in and Visit Us Some Sunday!

Most churches like to believe they’re warm and welcoming. We do too. But we not only believe it, we also live it. Every Sunday, like clockwork, and all the days in between.

What’s more, we’re different. Sure, we’re Episcopalians, so things like the liturgy and other elements of a traditional service are the same. Still, there’s something unusual about our parish, and we’re not certain what it is. But enough people have told us we’re different that we’re starting to believe it, because they are the kind of people who would never lie. You know, like visiting priests and other honest types.

st david exteriorMaybe you can help us figure out what sets this parish apart. Come and check us out at 9:30 one Sunday. Then stay for coffee and the always lively Living Faith Circle, which other churches call an adult forum and which we call an open exchange of ideas.

Oh, and you’ll get a great view of Pikes Peak, just like the one at the top of the page. It’s in our back yard. Consider that a bonus.